Q-MACS Technology

neoplas control uses the property of molecules to absorb electromagnetic radiation at certain wavelengths. The laser light is sent through the medium to be analyzed, which is not disturbed. By detecting the strength and position of absorptions the type and concentration of the present substances can be determined very fast (up to ns scale) and with very high precision (down to ppt level).
We utilize quantum cascade lasers (QCL) as favourable radiation sources in the mid-infrared spectral range (3-20 μm), since they operate at room temperature and allow the design of compact and robust instruments for industrial applications. The mid-infrared spectral range is of great advantage, since many molecules have much stronger absorption here. Furthermore, several chemical species absorb exclusively in this range. Our core competence lies in the optical and electronic design combined with broad experience in application of QCLbased spectroscopy in complex research environments or industrial production.

The products of the Q-MACS family are compact and very user friendly. The Quantum cascade laser measurement and control systems have been developed to monitor and control plasma processes and to detect highly sensitive trace gases. Q-MACS combines the advantages of absorption spectroscopy in the mid infrared spectral range with the unique properties of Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL). In combination with thermo-electric cooled infrared detectors Q-MACS is well suited for industrial applications, in particular for on-line process monitoring. The Q-MACS products need almost no maintenance and can be individually adapted to customer requirements inside industrial processes due to its modular design. The systems can be configurated according to both in-situ and extractive measurement, depending on target gases and measurement range.


  • Extreme high selectivity
  • Very high detection sensitivity up to parts per trillion
  • Response time down to nanoseconds with up to a million measurements a second
  • no consumables
  • Easy and operation handling at room temperature
  • extractive or in-situ measurements without interference with measured medium
  • Self-calibrating devices with low maintenance level
  • Simultaneous detection of up to eight gases
  • compact, modular, expandable and user-friendly